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Did Your Website Stop Showing Up On Google? Heres What To Do:

Originally posted on’t Panic! Twice in our website tracking, we saw client’s website disappear from Google – we didn’t make any... More>>

Overnight Success: Insider Secrets to Unearthing Hidden PPC Keywords for a Profitable PPC Campaign

Originally posted on If you’re trying to reach the top of the SERPs and snag those precious... More>>

How to Use SEO to Grow Your Shopify E-Commerce Business

Originally posted on SEO is one of the best things you can do for your e-commerce business. It helps to organically generate highly... More>>

What’s the Difference Between SSI & SSDI?

Originally posted on Social Security Administration offers two types of assistance: SSI and SSDI. Both are designed to assist individuals... More>>

Why You Need The Gym Of SEO

Originally posted on Have you ever tried to get in shape? Build muscle? Lose weight? It’s easy to give up, because results take a LONG time. You can work out... More>>

Is CBD Oil Legal in PA? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Originally posted on If you haven’t heard of CBD oil, it’s possible you’ve been living under a rock. CBD oil has been rising in... More>>

The Ultimate Employers Workers’ Comp Guide: 10 Key Points to Know

Originally posted on Believe it or not, there are about 12,300 work-related injuries each day. That means that every employee,... More>>

“Lean Thinking” and the 5 Principles of Lean Manufacturing

Originally posted on James Womack and Dan Jones are the founders of the Lean Enterprise Institute and the Lean... More>>

Best Condolences Messages – How to Say “I’m Sorry for Your Loss”

Originally posted on It’s tough to know what to say to a friend, family member or colleague who has just lost someone. None of us feel confident... More>>

The Shocking Reason Why One of Latin America’s Largest Digital Invoicing Companies Has Turned to Crypto

Originally posted on Banking has long been a challenge that has stifled the expansion of many crypto-related projects. More>>

SBA Loans in 2019 – A Complete Guide

Originally posted on What Are They? SBA, or Small Business Administration, is a government agency that helps to provide a guarantee to banks and lenders in order to achieve a loan... More>>

How to Power Up Fast in Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence

Originally posted on The journey to max Power in Season of Opulence in Destiny 2 can be quite a grind. Some players might like to move... More>>

Soccer Betting 101: How to Profit on the World’s Most Popular Sport

Originally posted on If you’re looking for ways to increase your sports betting bankroll, then you must check out how to bet on soccer. As the world’s most... More>>

Here’s a Better Option for Companies with Security Guards

Originally posted on A suspect shot two police officers in a retail store. In response, the officers’ families are... More>>

How to Choose the Best Workers’ Comp Policy

Originally posted on With 510 workplace injuries occurring every hour, your company cannot afford to go without workers’ compensation... More>>

CBD for Dummies: A Beginner’s Guide to Non-Psychoactive Cannabis

CBD seems to be a popular topic lately. You hear about it in the news, you see it all over social media, and are now seeing it in articles internet-wide. However, just because you hear about it all the time doesn’t... More>>

Choosing a Criminal Defense Lawyer: How to Pick the Right One

Originally posted on Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about how to hire the right criminal defense lawyer for your situation. More>>

7 Flat Roof Maintenance Tips to Help Avoid Preventable Repairs

Originally posted on Raising the roof is great when you’re talking about a party. When you’re talking about installing a real... More>>

Terpenes, Cannabinoids, and Heavy Metals; What Are They and How Do We Test for Them?

Originally posted on While some of our testing procedures test for harmful levels of chemicals in your product, some of... More>>

Why Businesses In Los Angeles Are Choosing Roof Coating Systems

Originally posted on As you invest in your business, don’t forget to tend to the outside of your company building. Your roof is... More>>

Problems with Industrial Roofing: 8 Common Reasons Why You May Need to Have Yours Repaired

Originally posted on Are you facing issues with your industrial roof? If you know that there’s a problem, but aren’t sure what exactly is going on or if... More>>

What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer: A Step-By-Step Guide

Originally posted on Have you been served with a criminal summons? More>>

“All 1’s” Ruffian, The Real Story

Originally posted on Past the Wire By Jonathan Stettin The hardest part about writing this article was what to call it. Yes, it’s about Ruffian, arguably the... More>>

5 Boundary Tools to Shut Down Narcissists and Get Back Your Power

Originally posted on   More>>

What Is A Tortious Interference Claim In Texas?

Originally posted on MAY BE ENTITLED TO DAMAGES: A “tortious interference” is when someone interferes with your... More>>

How To Study And Focus Like Successful Students Do

Originally posted on When you finally land that all-important scholarship or discover that you’ve been accepted onto your school course of choice, the initial passion and commitment... More>>

4 Things to Think About When Becoming A Blogger

Originally posted on The lifestyle of blogging is becoming more and more glamorous as the years go on. For some, it will just start off as a small... More>>

Start a Business…The White & Black Way

Originally posted on Many people dream of business success and all of the rewards that come with it. Starting is often the hardest part, and “first... More>>

Why Blogging Is Important For Law Firms

Originally posted on   With court dates, client meetings, and countless hours of research, blogging is likely the last thing on your mind as a lawyer. Sure, you’re... More>>

Marketing For Doctors: Tips For Getting It Done Right

Originally posted on   Alright let’s get to the point. Your patients are searching for you online. Think about how many people Google their symptoms and get a... More>>

Pack Your Bags! Why You Should Encourage Your Employees to Use Vacation Time

Originally posted on More workers are finally starting to understand how important it is to take vacation time. According to... More>>

4 Workplace Wellness Trends to Implement in 2019

Originally posted on The global wellness industry is worth $3.7 trillion. Of course, not all of this money is put to good use. If you’re... More>>

How Evictions Work: What NJ Renters Need to Know

Originally posted on Unfortunately, metro areas of big cities are being hit hard by rising eviction rates. That’s bad news for tenants, and... More>>

SEO vs SEM: What Are the Key Differences?

Originally posted on As you build up your business, you may be looking for ways to grab more customers. Of course, in this day and age, everything... More>>

Guatemala Fair Trade – Changing Elders Lives

Originally posted on Unique World Inspirations is proudly partnered with Lucia’s Imports. Together we are committed to working... More>>

Launching A New Product With Google Ads: What You Should Know

Originally posted on Going are the days of costly PR campaigns, newspaper ads or radio spots. Now, digital... More>>

Google Ads vs Facebook: Which Is Better?

Originally posted on Every year, businesses in the U.S. spend billions of dollars on digital advertising. In fact, the... More>>

An Introductory Guide to All Things Concerning the Americans With Disabilities Act

Originally posted on   What Does ADA Stand For? Here’s Why You Should Know? 40... More>>

7 Steps to a Happy and Motivated Team

Originally posted on We all know that our businesses are often only as good as the teams that support us. We understand and appreciate that in order to... More>>

How To Find a Bail Bondsman: 6 Important Tips

Originally posted on Sometimes the people we care about make poor choices and end up in trouble. Police officers in the... More>>

How Do Bail Bondsmen Work in Volusia County?

Originally posted on The number of people incarcerated in Florida is higher than every country on Earth. As such, you may have found... More>>

Daytona Beach: Why You Need A Bail Bondsman

Originally posted on Are you a close friend or family member of one of the thousands of people incarcerated in Florida? More>>

You Loved One Has Been Arrested, What Now?

Originally posted on In 2017 alone, over 10 million people were arrested in the US. More>>

How To Study And Focus Like Successful Students Do

Originally posted on When you finally land that all-important scholarship or discover that you’ve been accepted onto your school course of choice, the initial passion... More>>

3 Ways to Immediately Inspire Anybody (From the Moment You Meet Them)

Originally posted on   There are thousands of definitions of leadership. After studying the field for years and... More>>

Top 7 Things to Do in Decatur, AL

Originally posted on   Although Decatur, Alabama is only about a quarter as large as nearby Huntsville, it is loaded with history,... More>>

Top 10 Annoying Marketing Buzzwords That Make You Sound Dumb

Originally posted on   Businesses want to communicate with their customers. It’s how they gain new customers and sell their... More>>

How to Avoid 5 Common Construction Safety Equipment Rental Problems

Originally posted on   As nearly 100 people a week die on construction sites or from construction-related... More>>

Stacking It Right: 5 Best Practices for Warehouse Pallet Racking

Originally posted on   When it comes to your warehouse, optimizing available square footage is key. This... More>>

Content Gap Analysis: How To Find 100+ Content Ideas in 3 Minutes!

Originally posted on Would you like to be able to generate 100, or even 1000+ content ideas in less than 3 minutes? This can save you tons of time and help you take over... More>>

Learning the Lingo: 12 Sports Betting Terms Everyone Needs to Know

Originally posted on You’ve heard of wagers, the underdogs, and high rollers. But if you’re getting into sports gambling, you need to know a bit more than just... More>>

Crunching the Numbers: 9 NBA Stats Every Bettor Should Track

Originally posted on Over the last decade, NBA fans and bettors have turned to stats to better understand how each team and player compare to each other. In the old days of the... More>>

What Just Happened?! The 7 Biggest Football Upsets Ever (And What They Taught Us)

Originally posted on Want to know the quickest way to turn $100 into more than $50,000? Bet it on a 45-point college football underdogand then pray like you’ve never... More>>

What Can Property Managers Do to Save You Money?

Originally posted on Owning a rental property is one of those income streams that people expect to be easier than it... More>>

What You Need to Know about Apartment Building Security

Originally posted on Your Complete Guide to Securing Your Multi-Family Residential Property Now. The top things tenants... More>>

What Makes an Effective Retail Center Security Solution?

Originally posted on The key to retail success is to have a seamless omnichannel strategy, ensure the shopping center has... More>>

Best Ways to Improve Construction Site Safety

Originally posted on Of the worker fatalities in 2017, 21 percent occurred in construction according to theOccupational Safety and... More>>

Everything You Need to Know About Construction Site Security

Originally posted on The construction industry builds the homes we live in, the offices we work in, and the roads we... More>>

Scriptures That Help You Find Peace During Any Trial

Originally posted on Life always brings us challenges, these challenges can shake us to the very core and cause us to question our faith. It is... More>>

The Fitness Marketing Guide for the Modern Fitness Founder

Originally posted on Do you know what the very basic idea behind marketing is? More>>

8 Popular SEO Questions That Matter To Your Business [Video]

Originally posted on More>>

6 Tips for Grassroots Campaign

Originally posted on At a time when American politics has become as contentious as ever, one positive that has come from it is the influx of regular, every day... More>>

The 5 Best Home Defense Guns for Your Protection

Originally posted on It goes without saying that different guns serve different purposes, and when it comes to protecting your family and your home, there’s no question... More>>

How to Design Product Labels that Sell Your Products for You

Originally posted on Your product label is the single most important aspect of your branding. A good label can lead your business to sustained sales... More>>

What Does A Digital Marketing Job Involve?

Originally posted on Go back twenty-five years, and the idea that there would be a surge in demand for digital marketing jobs would have... More>>

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding PEO

Originally posted on   What is a PEO? PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization and it promises numerous benefits to small and mid-sized... More>>

How to Get More Dental Patients For Your Office

Originally posted on When it comes to how to attract new patients to your dental practice, the days of turning to only offline advertisements are... More>>

Ahhh Shoot!: The 7 Best Shooting Ranges in the US You Have to Check Out

Whether you’re a gun owner or someone who wants to try out shooting a gun, a good place to do it is at a shooting range. There, they have the proper equipment so you and others are safe while you have fun practicing... More>>

Best Hard Drive Recycling Company in the US

Originally posted on   Have you been looking for the best hard drive destruction companies on the market today? In this age,... More>>

10 Experts Share Their Hottest Sales Tips

Originally posted on   More than half of salespeople miss their quotas. That’s a dangerous number in a field where your income and even your... More>>

How to Choose the Right Fencing Shoes

Originally posted on No matter what sort of sport you are partaking in, there is no denying that your performance can greatly be impacted by the... More>>

How to Choose the Best Hiking Socks

Originally posted on If you’re going hiking, you need the right socks.  Read on to learn how to choose the best hiking socksHiking is now the most popular... More>>

The Battle for Business Dominance: Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Originally posted on What if you were bringing your marketing “A-game” to the wrong audience? More>>

Leave It to the Experts: Why You Should Outsource Your WORDPRESS Support

Originally posted on In years gone by, businesses needed to hire designers and developers to create bespoke websites. They couldn’t update... More>>

5 Chiropractic Leads Hacks You Need To Know Now

Originally posted on You’re a Chiropractor, not a marketing major. Or maybe some of you are, but want to find what the... More>>

You too can harness power from an unexpected source.

Originally posted on In 1752, Benjamin Franklin harnessed the power of lightning with his famous “kite” experiment. Channeled... More>>

The Anatomy of the Post [Ideal Outline of a Blog]

Originally posted on You may have heard that blogging is essential for content marketing success, but did you know that blogging helps to position you as... More>>

What The SEO Does That Mean? Your Guide To Small Business SEO Terms.

Originally posted on Search Engine Optimization — it can be so confusing and yet it is one of the most important aspects of small business marketing! Whether... More>>

Wendells 24 Hour Token The Newcomer Coin

Originally posted on There is no better way to celebrate entry into the recovery fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous then with this wonderful 24 Hour AA Coin.... More>>

Stallion Dynasties: Northern Dancer

Originally posted on Stallion Dynasties: A new series from Past the Wire by Kaitlin Free: Northern Dancer: Past the Wire is proud to introduce to you our... More>>

Top 7 Benefits of Wearing Bamboo Socks

Originally posted on Bamboo socks can benefit your foot health. Read on to learn about the top 7 benefits of wearing bamboo socks. Yep, you read it right.... More>>

How to Start a Speech with Power and Confidence

Originally posted on It’s that horrible moment. You’ve just been called to stage, your audience is silent, waiting... More>>

Expect Jesus to Save You

Originally posted on So let’s pray together the prayer of confession saying; Most Merciful God, we confess that we have sinned against thee in thought word... More>>

5 Strategies for Building a Brand Outside of Social Media

Originally posted on Coming up with a great product idea is the first step in launching any business, but a lot of people find that it’s often the easiest bit. Next, you need... More>>

How to Make Your Own Personalized Challenge Coin

Originally posted on So you’ve decided to design a challenge coin for your loved one. But you’re a bit clueless about... More>>

Top 10 Best Running Watches for 2019

Originally posted on We now see on the market precise and durable running watches that are, more than ever, integrated with progressed technology. Here’s our Top... More>>

Thinking Through Your Brand Behavior Chain

Originally posted on Neuroscientist I am not, but this I do know to be true. Every communication and interaction you have with your customer is a... More>>

To Start Building a Brand, Envision Organization as a Person

Originally posted on Your image is a first impression that, if pleasing, leads to a second, a third and ideally a lifetime of positive... More>>

Statistical Betting

Originally posted on Sports betting can be approached in many different ways. The joy for many punters is simply in placing a wager based on gut instinct, or perhaps... More>>

Why Branding Is Big for Small Business

Originally posted on Most small business owners dedicate portions of their budgets as promotional expenditures. But they often don’t understand the... More>>

What it Means to Earn an AA Chip

Originally posted on Earning an Alcoholics Anonymous chip is no easy feat. It may seem like mile markers to those who are not in the program. It may... More>>

Cannabis Marketing: Why Organic Is Best As Usual

Originally posted on Right off the bat, there are several roadblocks on the way to effective cannabis marketing. Don’t let these obstacles make you feel as... More>>

Get Started with Excel Spreadsheet Files in C# & VB.Net Applications

Originally posted on Reading and creating Excel (XLS, XLSX and CSV) files s in C# and all other .NET languages is easy using the IronXL software library from Iron Software. IronXL... More>>

10 Trade Show Booth Tips That Will Lead You To Success

Originally posted on As a small business owner, you may be responsible for marketing your own brand on a budget. That means you tackle everything from... More>>

Does Ademola Lookman Have a Future at Everton?

Originally posted on missing out on the England under-21’s squad for the upcoming European Championships, Ademola Lookman’s future... More>>

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Winning Video Marketing Strategy

Originally posted on   You’re ready to step into the world of video to get the word out about your product... More>>

From Start to Finish: 7 Steps to Building a Digital Marketing Campaign

Originally posted on   Originally posted on YouTube by Brandon Thompson Did you know that 46% of small... More>>

The Digital Marketing Landscape is Changing: The Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2019

Originally posted on People’s eyes are officially on the screen. Computers, tablets, mobiles, TVsyou name it, we’re on it. In fact,... More>>

7 Tips for Developing a Marketing Plan That Brings in New Customers

Originally posted on   Originally posted on YouTube by Brandon Thompson On average, small businesses currently... More>>

How to Make Social Media Work for Your Business

Originally posted on   In addition to guest posting on the UpCity blog, AlliedOne Marketing is featured as one of the Top Social Media Marketing... More>>

Win Totals and Betting Strategy for the 2019 NFL Season

Originally posted on With the 2019 NFL draft in the books, the final look of most NFL teams is starting to materialize. This means we the fans are... More>>

Newborn Portrait Studio Austin, TX

Originally posted on More>>

10 Reasons To Hire A Professional For Your Newborn Baby Photos

Originally posted on There are around 10,378 babies born every day across the US. More>>

Outdoor Maternity Session | Austin, Texas Photographer

Originally posted on More>>

5 Unforgettable Moments from Dallas Stars Seasons Past

When you think of Texas, hockey is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, the arrival of former Minnesota team the North Stars to Dallas introduced Texans to the NHL and changed the scope of sports in the... More>>

Alternate Betting Lines: A Helpful Tutorial for Sports Bettors

Originally posted on How to Bet Alternate Betting Lines If you are like most sports bettors, then there has come a time that you had seen a betting line that was... More>>

Prop Betting 101: A Comprehensive Guide for Sports Bettors

Originally posted on How to Prop Bet Are you tired of betting on the same types of bets? Is the money line, over/under, and spread bet just too simple and boring to you?... More>>

The Sport of Kings Greatest Streaks

Originally posted on Past the Wire By Jonathan Stettin * Angel Cordero Jr., 11 Straight Saratoga Riding Titles * Kelso, Horse of the Year 5 Consecutive Years... More>>

How to Turn Your Photo Into a Custom Digital Cartoon

Originally posted on can you do with your digitized art? You can make an interesting, and unique gift, and so much more! You can use a picture to... More>>

What Is The Purpose Of A Challenge Coin

Originally posted on Apr 12 Personalized challenge coins are quite common amongst military organizations in almost all countries around... More>>

11 Tips for the Summer Before Your Senior Year

Originally posted on “Next year, that’ll be me.” The mantra autorepeats every time you pass your... More>>

Calculating Content Marketing ROI: a Deep Dive into Content Performance


5 Team Building Programs Tailored to Your Organization

Originally posted on Today there are so many different types of team building programs it is easy to get confused and lost in the... More>>

Transform Your Workplace Culture with These 12 Tips

Originally posted on By practicing FISH!, I am not talking about jumping into the sea and swimming with fish. By practicing FISH!, I am... More>>

Using Digital Marketing to Help Your Assisted Living Facility Increase Occupancy

Originally posted on When it comes to digital marketing, assisted living facilities have a rather broad market to consider.... More>>

Smell Proof Containers and Jars For Storing Weed Review Guide 2019

Originally posted on Looking for a completely odorless way to store your cannabis? These options for a smell proof container are exactly what you need when it comes to a... More>>

The Secret To Ranking In A Competitive Industry

Originally posted on Most SEO advice goes like this: “Find high volume keywords with low competition and try to rank for those.” This might be good... More>>

7 Common PPC Mistakes You’re Making That Could Be Costing You Thousands Of Dollars

Originally posted on Do you ever wonder if you have big gaps in your Google Ads campaigns that are costing you money? That’s because Google Ads (previously called Adwords) is... More>>

Top 7 Law Firm Marketing Tips

Originally posted on In today’s technological world, don’t make the mistake of solely relying on your reputation as a law firm for a steady flow of... More>>

How to Use Promotional Gloves as Part of Your Business Marketing Strategy

Originally posted on According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hand injuries are one of the highest incidences of... More>>

How to Smoke Dabs like a Pro (Guide to Dabbing for the First Time!)

Originally posted on If you’re new to dabbing, the whole process can seem a bit daunting. But follow these tips on how to smoke dabs and soon you’ll be... More>>

Five Influencer Marketing Missteps To Avoid In 2019

Originally posted on There’s no shortage of cautionary tales when it comes to influencer... More>>

6 Digital Marketing Trends Changing the Job Landscape in 2019

Originally posted on The Internet has become one of the most powerful tools that entrepreneurs can use to reach their audience. ... More>>

Want a Job in Data? Learn SQL.

Originally posted on do you need to learn SQL?1. SQL is used everywhere.2. It’s in high demand because so many companies use it.3. Although... More>>

10 Best Paying Remote Jobs (That Allow You to Travel)

Originally posted on Let’s be honest: the best remote jobs are the ones that allow you to travel and pay relatively well. More>>

The 85 Best Sites to Find Digital Nomad Jobs

Originally posted on  Most people feel overwhelmed when they want a digital nomad job. It’s hard to know where to begin, and where to get... More>>

How SD-WAN Overcomes Last Mile Constraints

Originally posted on As more businesses require 24/7 uptime of their networks, they can’t afford to “put all their eggs in one basket.” Even... More>>

Putting All the Cogs in Place: How Proper Custom Web Design and SEO Work Together

Originally posted on Do you know the power that web site design has on your business? More>>

Benefits of SEO: 14 Reasons Why Lawyers Need Good SEO

Originally posted on #1 Increased targeted organic traffic from search engines The most obvious benefit of a well-optimized site is increased traffic from search. Using estimated search... More>>

Sherlock, Fairies, and Ghost Writers

Originally posted on The Ghost Club is the oldest group of its kind, dedicated to the investigation of, unsurprisingly, ghosts and other such... More>>

What is 3PL? [Video]

Originally posted on   Ever wondered the details about a 3PL business? Watch this quick video from the people at Lumi breaking it down. Originally posted on YouTube by Lumi To... More>>

HVAC Meltdown: 5 Common HVAC Problems for Commercial Users

Originally posted on You’ve probably heard of artificial intelligence (AI) in your industry. Did you know it’s used in HVAC... More>>

When to replace your air conditioning system

Originally posted on By today’s standards, there is a pretty good chance your air conditioner is inefficient and could even be oversized if it is... More>>

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Originally posted on Digital marketing isn’t just about dropping a tweet or sending an email. Understanding... More>>

5 Best Hearing Aids Of 2019: Which Is Best For You?

Originally posted on The links in this article are NOT affiliate links. We are not compensated for items purchased through links from our... More>>

5 Essential Features of Nano Hearing Aids

Originally posted on Nano hearing aids are built to compete with the most advanced hearing technology on the market. Years of extensive research... More>>

How Do San Diego Ad Agencies Measure Up?

Originally posted on San Diego Ad Agencies are at the top of the list when compared to other national agencies. The advertising... More>>

Kluge Announces New Dealer Relationship at Odyssey Expo 2019

Originally posted on St. Croix Falls, WI May 1, 2019 – Brandtjen & Kluge, LLC (Kluge), St. Croix Falls, WI, USA, a manufacturer of specialty... More>>

Continued Success on Clutch: We Made the Clutch 1000

Originally posted on At Forge, we like to say that we move people to believe in brands, and brands to believe in people. Our work is designed... More>>

The Guide for Oval Cut Diamond, Bowtie Effect and Halo Engagement Ring Setting

Originally posted on The brilliance of diamond engagement rings was well known for centuries, a right ring served as a key that brings a genuine... More>>

The Importance of Wolf Reintroduction Explained

Originally posted on Turns out, Little Red Riding Hood got it all wrong. The big bad wolf is not so bad after all. More>>

Why Conservationists Want to Bring Wolves Back to Colorado

Originally posted on you think of the quintessential American species, what comes to mind? Buffalo? Bald eagles?... More>>

Wolves In The West

Originally posted on a quiet hike in Yellowstone National Park, some lucky visitors might get... More>>

9 Myths About the Gray Wolf You Shouldn’t Believe

Originally posted on The gray wolf is one of the most misunderstood animals on the planet. Billed as the big, bad wolf long... More>>

Mobile Command Centers

Originally posted on The MERC represents a custom-built line of mobile power and communication trailers, or mobile command centers, that are designed to provide a... More>>

Best Waterproofing Method for Concrete Roofs – Liquid Rubber Membranes

Originally posted on YouTube by Findlay-Evans Waterproofing More>>

New to Vaping? 7 Things You Should Know Before You Buy

Did you know they estimate almost 55 million adults will be vaping by 2021? It’s no surprise that with so many people vaping it can be overwhelming what to look for in a vape pen. There’s more to choosing which... More>>

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Originally posted on Being baptised in the Holy Spirit is not a bizarre or ecstatic experience that occurs after salvation. A person is baptised in the... More>>

What Does Jeremiah 29:11 Really Mean?

Originally posted on love to quote Jeremiah 29:11. Whether we’re having a bad day, work isn’t going well, or we’re... More>>

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