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6 nifty ways to organize your laundry room

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By Vanessa Voltolina
From Ideas That Spark 

Like the backseat of my car, my laundry room used to never get enough TLC. But a horrific episode just a few years ago made me rethink my ways: After climbing on my washing machine to find a light bulb hidden in a bin (what was that even doing there?!) up on a shelf, a bottle of detergent, five towels and 20-something hangers came tumbling down on my head.

It was time for a laundry room overhaul. To become an organization pro, I scoured the web for tried-and-true tips. Here is the advice that worked like magic:

1. Adjust shelving.

Wire shelving isn’t just waterproof; it’s also easy to adjust so there’s no need to balance on your washing machine. (Lesson learned.) Invest in this if you don’t already have it, and if you do, take a moment to evaluate if it’s at a good height for those in your household who most often do laundry.

2. Raise the bar.

Literally. This is the best way to prevent draping damp clothing on every piece of furniture you own, and it lessens the need for ironing. You can mount a bath-towel holder on the underside of a laundry room shelf for hanging, or use a hassle-free tension bar.

My personal favorite: a doorway pull-up bar. It not only holds drying clothes, but once they dry, it’s incentive to get in strength training!

3. Opt for baskets.

No plastic laundry room bin will ever have quite as much charm as a little wicker basket with a bow or other decoration on the outside. Invest in a few and place them on your adjustable shelving to hide unsightly laundry room essentials.

4. Use clear containers for detergent.

Transferring detergent into translucent containers means you can easily determine when it’s time to buy more -- and hopefully save a trip to the store! One of the coolest things I’ve seen? Laundry detergent that comes out of a drink dispenser spout!

5. Freshen up the room.

A clean laundry scent is delightful, but gym clothes, sports uniforms and used linens don’t do much for the nose. Spend a few bucks on a seasonal air freshener spray or candle in heady scent like pumpkin, and you’ll love your time doing laundry.

6. Designate a lost and found area.

If you’re constantly trying to match socks with their mates to no avail, buy a piece of corkboard, drape a string across the middle -- held at both ends with tacks -- and laundry-clip unpaired socks to the board. Feel free to label it “In need of sole mates” if you’re as corny as I am.

As for the loose change or trinkets that fall out of pockets during a wash? Place a dedicated mason jar or handcrafted bowl next to your machines to hold it all.

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