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Tesla raises prices and simplifies options on Model S and Model X

By Georgina Torbet

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Fresh off the news that Tesla has appointed Robyn Denholm to be the new chair of its board of directors, the company is also choosing to streamline its offerings of the Model S and Model X. It will increase the prices of the cars and reduce the number of options available in order to make production more efficient and to speed up delivery times and reduce costs.

Internal Tesla communications were obtained by Electrek and specify that the changes are “to simplify the product offerings and provide the best experience for customers.” The first changes to be introduced are to the pricing. The Model S 75D and Model X 75D will be have a price hike of $1,000 each, going up to $78,000 and $84,000 respectively. The 100D versions of these cars, however, which have higher ranges and don’t need to be charged as often, will decease in price by $500 each. The Model S 100D will now start at $96,000 and the Model X 100D will now start at $99,000.

For European customers, the 75D versions of the cars will increase in price by 1,500 and the 100D versions will stay at the same price.

Changes are being made to the cars’ interior options too. Both the Model S and Model X now come with the “All Black Premium” interior as standard instead of the cheaper “Black Textile.” But if you want either of the fancier “Cream Premium” or “Black and White Premium” interiors, then the upgrade is now only $1,500 extra compared to the $3,300 extra it was before. The changes to the car interiors in particular are likely in order to differentiate the older Model S and Model X from the third-generation and much more affordable Model 3.

Other changes are being made to the car options, with the Model S losing the panoramic sunroof and now coming only with the glass roof, and no longer having an option for rear-facing child seats. Instead, parents who want to travel with their kids are recommended to get the larger Model X. The “Black Arachnid Wheels” will no longer be available from the factory, and instead only be available as an after-market addition. On the plus side, the carbon fiber spoiler is now standard on the high-range Model S P100D. Finally, the Model X will also have minor changes like discontinuing the option for a six seat configuration with center console.

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