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The best iPhone XS Max screen protectors to safeguard that huge display

By Mark Jansen

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If you’ve got a craving for the biggest smartphone screen available, then you won’t find many larger than the display on the Apple iPhone XS Max. The 6.5-inch display is the largest that Apple’s ever put in an iPhone, and it’s sumptuously gorgeous to boot, thanks to the Super Retina AMOLED tech powering it. Throw in Apple’s A12 Bionic processor and you’ve got yourself a powerful, beautiful, media-crunching beast of a smartphone.

But none of that will cut the mustard if your new phone’s screen cracks after a drop onto concrete. Grabbing an iPhone XS Max case is a great start, but what about making it even more secure with a screen protector? There are many options available, but we’ve sifted through the pile to highlight some of the best iPhone XS Max screen protectors that will keep your massive display protected.

UAG Screen Shield ($40)

best iphone xs max screen protectors uag

Urban Armor Gear make a great variety of rugged protective cases, but its options for screen protection are just as good. The Screen Shield is made from high-quality and high-strength tempered glass from Japan. It scores a 9H on the hardness scale, making it resistant to most scratches, and it sports an oleophobic coating that should cut down on oily fingerprints and smears. It’s very thin, measuring just 0.2-inches thick, and it’s fully compatible with the iPhone XS Max’s 3D Touch feature.


Moshi IonGlass ($40)

best iphone xs max screen protectors moshi

Moshi specializes in great iPhone accessories, and its IonGlass protectors are a great example of Moshi’s best. Moshi claims the IonGlass protector is even more protective than tempered glass, as it has been strengthened at a molecular level, making it nearly impervious to scratches from even a sharp knife. It curves gently to match the XS Max’s display, and fits it from edge-to-edge. Moshi also claims it is 40 percent thinner than most other protectors. It’s expensive, but Moshi’s claims speak for themselves.

Moshi Amazon

Whitestone Dome ($30)

best iphone xs max screen protectors whitestone dome

Love a close fit for your screen protector? You won’t get much closer than this option from Whitestone Dome. It uses a liquid adhesive application method for a close fit, which is then cured by the included UV lamp to ensure a tight hold. What’s really amazing is that it’s still easy to remove. It’s strong and thin, but also cuts blue light by up to 25 percent — and it can even be applied to a broken screen, as the adhesive fills in the cracks, preventing further damage. There’s more of a procedure to initially fit it, but the installation guides are good, and you should have no problem getting it up and running quickly.

Amazon Mobile Fun

Belkin ScreenForce InvisiGlass ($16+)

best iphone xs max screen protectors belkin 2

If you’re looking for Apple accessories, Belkin is the first stop for many. Belkin’s ScreenForce InvisiGlass screen protector might be a mouthful to pronounce, but it also piles a lot of protection into a small package. It’s made from chemically strengthened tempered glass that Belkin claims is able to provide the highest possible level of scratch-resistance. Thanks to that added strength, Belkin’s also been able to make this protector very thin — just 0.29 mm thick. It’s compatible with most cases, and the supplied installation tray makes for an easy process. Best of all, buyers in the U.S. and Canada get Belkin’s limited lifetime warranty for easy replacements.

Belkin Amazon

Bodyguardz Ultratough ScreenGuardz ($20)

best iphone xs max screen protectors bodyguardz 2

Bodyguardz isn’t yet as well-known as some of the bigger names in the business, but with the quality it’s been pumping out, it’s only a matter of time before it is. This screen protector is made from a clear urethane film, and has been treated with an antimicrobial coating that helps to keep bacteria off your screen. It also has self-healing properties that help close up more minor scratches. It covers your phone’s display from edge-to-edge, folding around the curves. Since it’s film and not glass, it won’t take the hit for your screen if the worst happens, and won’t be as protective — but it’s still great scratch protection that’s easy to forget once it’s applied.


InvisibleShield Sapphire Defense ($50)

best iphone xs max screen protectors invisibleshield 2

InvisibleShield offers a large range of screen protectors, so it means something when it touts the Sapphire Defense as the world’s most advanced screen protector. It’s made from tempered glass that’s been infused with sapphire to increase scratch-resistance. InvisibleShield claims that this infusion means the Sapphire Defense gives seven times more protection against shattering, drop damage, and scratches than having an unprotected screen. Not only that, but this protectoralso boasts “aerospace-grade” self-healing properties that remove minor scratches. However, premium protection comes with a premium price, and that may put some people off. Regardless, this is an easy-to-apply and strong protector for your iPhone.


Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Triple Pack ($9)

best iphone xs max screen protectors tech armor 2

We go from one of the most expensive protectors on our list to one of the cheapest. But don’t let that put you off — Tech Armor has a solid reputation. Each of the protectors in this triple pack is made from high-quality glass with a 9H hardness that boasts a 99 percent clarity rating. There’s also an oleophobic coating that resists smudges and fingerprints. The screen protectors come with a 2.5D edge that prevents chipping by curving away at the edges, and are case-friendly. Tech Armor includes an easy installation tray so you can get the fit right every time, and at just 0.3 mm thick, you should be able to forget them once they’re applied. However, they only protect the flat parts of the XS Max’s screen, and will not cover the curved edges. Still, at this price, it’s a great deal.


Spigen Glas.TR Slim HD ($30)

best iphone xs max screen protectors spigen 2

Another great glass option from a trusted name, Spigen’s Glas.TR is made from tempered glass with a 9H hardness that should be able to handle most of the hazards posed by everyday life. It has an oleophobic coating that helps to reduce fingerprints and smears, and Spigen boasts it’s just as clear as the iPhone’s original screen. Most importantly, this protector is fully compatible with Spigen’s huge range of cases, making this a great choice if you’re already rocking a Spigen case. It’s on the expensive side when compared to some of the other options on this list, so you’ll have to decide whether the Spigen name is worth the price for you.


Skinomi TechSkin Case Compatible Twin Pack ($8)

best iphone xs max screen protectors skinomi 2

Film protectors aren’t the best at dealing with drops, but they are great at handling scratches. Skinomi claims that its TechSkin is the toughest clear film protector on the market, and says the same material is often used to protect luxury cars, military aircraft, and NASA space shuttles. Whether that’s true or not, the TechSkin provides good protection against everyday wear and tear, and comes with a self-healing layer and anti-yellowing properties that keep your protector from looking old as it ages. It uses a wet installation method, so there’s a physical medium between the protector and the screen, which reduces any loss of touch sensitivity. Best of all, it comes in a twin pack, giving you great value for money.


Laut Prime Privacy ($25)

best iphone xs max screen protectors laut 2

Privacy can be hard to come by in this day and age, but at the very least you can expect to keep yourself to yourself on the train with the assistance of Laut’s Prime Privacy protector. This protector is made from shatter-resistant tempered glass that should provide great resistance to scratches and other damage, while also providing protection against drops and falls. The real magic here is the privacy filter laid over the top of the glass. Look straight on at your phone and everything’s normal, but try to view it at an angle and the filter fades the screen to black, stopping prying eyes from reading over your shoulder. It comes with an oleophobic coating and it’s not a bad price, but keep in mind this’ll make it harder to share videos with other people.


Armorsuit Matte Protector ($8)

best iphone xs max screen protectors armorsuit 2

Tired of light reflecting from your screen and making it hard to read anything? You’re not alone — but there are ways to cut down on bothersome glare. This film protector from Armorsuit comes with a matte finish that cuts down on glare significantly, making it easier to see your phone in direct sunlight. It’s resistant to scratches with a self-healing layer, and comes with an oleophobic coating, but don’t expect it to be as strong as a glass protector against drops and bumps. That doesn’t mean it’s not tough — Armorsuit claims it’s made from the same material used to protect military vehicles, so it should hold up well over time. It’s great choice if you have a problem with glare, but be aware it will dull the XS Max’s screen.


Zizo Lightning Shield ($20)

best iphone xs max screen protectors zizo 2

Edge-to-edge protection can be tough to come by when phones have curved edges, but that’s not the case with Zizo’s Lightning Shield. Like many others on this list, it’s made from tempered glass and is resistant to scratches, drops, and other hazards. It covers the phone completely, and the edges of the protector gently curve down to prevent chipping over time. It’s just 0.33 mm thick, so you should be able to forget it’s there, and it also comes with an oleophobic coating to resist greasy fingerprints. At $20, it’s cheap for a full glass protector, and it’s not hard to install either.

Zizo Mobile Fun

IQ Shield Full Bodyskin Protector ($16)

best iphone xs max screen protectors iq shield 2

We’ve highlighted a lot of screen protectors on this list that work well with cases, but what if you’re not getting a case, but still want some protection? This combination of front and back protection from IQ Shield allows you to install some protection on your XS Max, while still letting your phone’s beauty to shine through the protective film. The film includes a variety of layers to add UV and other protection to your phone, and it also comes with a wet installation method that’ll ensure the adhesive stays strong. Thin film won’t do much to protect against drops and falls, but if you’re worried about scratches, then this is a great all-over solution.


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