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On the Mommy Blogs Bandwagon: 11 Ways to Make Your Blog Appeal to Moms

Mommy Blogs

Do you read a lot of mommy blogs and think you can add your own spin on things? Creating a blog does not take a whole lot of technical expertise, but it does take an extensive amount of knowledge about the subject matter. If you are looking to put your own blog out for the world to see, keep reading to find some of the best ways you can jump on the mommy blogs bandwagon!

Keep it Authentic

You don’t want to come off as fake or phony when creating a blog post. Other moms will see right through it! Being authentic and keeping it real should be one of the most important characteristics of any new mommy blogs. If you are having a rough day getting the kids ready and don’t seem to have all of your stuff together then write about it! Don’t make it seem like every day is full of cupcakes and rainbows when the reality is some days being a parent can be tough and frustrating. If you continue to show that authenticity your readers will be able to connect with you on a personal level.

Pinterest Should Be Incorporated on Day One

There are a number of social media platforms that you can use to grow your website. However, the best one for gaining organic traffic is arguably Pinterest. Many people look at Pinterest as just a social media app, when in reality it is a search engine when standing on its own. It may seem complicated at first, but once you have figure out how to set up your Pinterest profile you should see your traffic numbers spike!

Solve a Problem For Them

Visitors to your website should have a problem that you can solve. If you create a website focused on breastfeeding, then you should have online content centered around tips for breastfeeding. If you put up a post that is not geared towards breastfeeding it may leave the visitors to your website confused and they may not look at you as an authority figure on the subject.

Involve Your Children Carefully

Including your children into your content can be done in a careful way, while still driving traffic to your website that will appeal to moms everywhere. If you use Instagram or Facebook as one of your social media platforms and include your children as part of your workout routine, how many likes do you think you’ll get after using the proper hashtags? There are plenty of videos online showing people exercising with their babies because it looks cute and adorable. Trust us, no one wants to lift up their baby in a workout routine just for show. While it is done completely out of necessity but you can still use it to your website’s advantage. If you are making a video series and one of your children interrupts you don’t edit it out. Keep it in the video and your viewers can actually see how you interact with your children in a candid moment. So don’t be afraid to include your children in any videos they happen to walk in on.

Self Care is Important

It may also be a smart idea to have a section of your website promoting self-care for women. As moms, we may go days without being able to sit in the bathtub with a good book and a drink of our choice. Most of our days are filled with appointments and keeping the house in order but it’s important to keep our physical and mental health at peak levels. Providing content that will help mom’s stay healthy in a variety of ways is a great way to appeal to other moms.

Address the Tough Topics

Sometimes your online content won’t always be about the fun and happy moments in life. There will be times when mom’s coming to your website will seek advice for situations that may not be easy to go through. Are you going to shy away from the tough topics just because it may lead to backlash on your website? Bringing up subjects that moms can relate to in your mommy blogs, good and bad, can become major talking points for your website. These thought-provoking topics will not only increase discussions on your website or your social media pages, but it will also show your readers that you will take a stance on a particular subject and not be afraid to talk about it openly.

Promote Products You Rave About

As your website begins to gain more continuous traffic, you may start to dabble in affiliate marketing. In a nutshell affiliate marketing is promoting a product that you use and if someone purchases that product you get a percentage of the sale. When your website starts out affiliate marketing may not be the best choice for you, but it doesn’t mean you still can’t write about products that you feel can help your audience. Make sure you are honest with your readers, and never promote a product you don’t use yourself.

The Design Should Please Visitors

Your website design should be very appealing to your target audience. The color layout and overall design should generate positive feedback from anyone visiting your blog. No one wants to spend six or seven minutes fumbling around to find a particular blog post or piece of content on your website. If your design can be simple and to the point then it will make the experience for your website visitors much more positive. Having an organized structure on your website that includes drop-down menus or your most popular post in an easy to find a section of the page should be one of the first things you do.

Your Titles Should Stand Out

Your headlines for all of your online content need to generate buzz and intrigue from your website visitors. The headlines should include the keywords that you are targeting for that specific piece of content, while also giving value to its viewers. Generally, any list will go over well, as people love rankings. If you can create a headline that hits all of the major points you are looking for it could become one of your go-to types of content that your readers will enjoy. Consequently, having poor or misleading headlines will just get your readers upset because they wasted time looking at something they would have normally skipped over. If you can come up with memorable headlines for your mommy blogs that will also rank on search engines you will surely hit a home run.

Make Your Blog Posts Easy to Read

Creating a blog doesn’t mean you need to be a college graduate holding a Bachelors degree in creative writing. It simply means that you must be able to convey your thoughts in an easy to read and comfortable way for your website visitors. Make sure that your headings have bold titles to separate the different sections of your blog post, and also keep the paragraphs between two and five sentences. This will make reading easier for your blog subscribers and keep them coming back for more of your content. To save time you can create a format for your website content and stick to their format for the majority of your blog post.

Be Responsive

Some of the biggest leaders in the blogging industry are also the most responsive to their readers. This is a characteristic of their genuinely helpful nature and is a smart strategy to employ once you get traffic to your website or social media pages. If someone comments on one of your posts, be sure to respond as soon as possible. If they ask a question provide them with an answer promptly. You will also get emails from your readers that may be a response to your call to action from the previous email sent or just to simply pick your brain about something on your website. We aren’t telling you to give away all of your knowledge for free, but it is polite to respond when someone is genuinely interested in something you have to say. If you find that you are getting a lot of engagement from your blog posts and other content then you know you are on the right track to building something special with your mom blog.

Are You Ready to Jump on the Mommy Blogs Bandwagon?

So now that we have gone over the best tips for joining the mommy blogs bandwagon, which ones stuck out to you? Will you create a website with an easy to look at design? Can your readers expect you to talk about the tough topics others may shy away from? Leave us a comment below and click here for more information about creating your own blog.

As always, we hope you found this article both informative and entertaining. If you did may we humbly ask that you share it with your friends and family over social media. It really does help us out a lot and is greatly appreciated!

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