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Make That Money: Affiliate Programs Residual Income

Affiliate Programs

Are you looking to bring in a little extra cash? If you already work a traditional job but moonlight as a blogger or social media creator, you may already feel that you are stretched a bit thin.

There are only so many hours in the day. How much more can you possibly do? Well, the answer you’re looking for might be found in creating passive income through affiliate marketing.

Looking for another way to add your earnings? This might be the answer to your prayers. Read on to learn more valuable information about how you can create passive income and earn extra money through affiliate marketing.

What is Passive Income?

Simply put, passive income is money that continues to trickle in long after you’ve completed your work. Examples of passive income include YouTube royalties, music licensing, and (you guessed it) affiliate marketing campaigns.

These avenues provide an ongoing revenue stream for as long as they are publicly available. So in the case of a YouTuber, a video that they spent a day or two creating will continue to pay out royalties for the duration of time that it is live on the platform.

Another great way to make money online is affiliate marketing. YouTubers often use affiliate marketing links in the video descriptions of their content, but they aren’t the only ones. In the following paragraphs, we’ll explain more about how you can use affiliate marketing to make limitless amounts of cash online.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

When mastering a new skill, it’s often best to start at the beginning. In this case, that means defining affiliate marketing for those who may not be familiar with the process entirely.

In the simplest terms, affiliate marketing means promoting products and services online with unique links that allow you to get paid for your efforts.

Without struggling through the process of creating your own website or brand, you can still get a piece of the action. Through affiliate marketing, you can take advantage of other existing products and services without having to make your own products or render services yourself.

Companies and products that offer affiliate marketing partnerships will generate unique affiliate links that you’ll be able to use to spread the word about the products you’re promoting. You’ll need to use these links exclusively to get paid for the purchases you’ve lead.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate marketing is how most bloggers and social media influencers earn money. Whenever they travel and go to places, drink ‘Skinny Teas’, or recommend clothes, chances are that there’s an affiliate link attached.

The sales that come from affiliate generated links will give a portion of the sale to the person who promoted it. When affiliate links aren’t used, they’re often replaced with coupon codes that serve a similar purpose. These coupon codes help retailers track just where their online sales are coming from and which influencers they’d like to partner with again.

While this may raise the curtain a bit on some of your favorite personalities, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Bloggers often decline to post about products or services that don’t fit their brand.

That said, if you see a blogger raving about their “wonderful” experience with a lackluster product, you may suspect that they are being paid to do so.

How to Get Started Making Affiliate Programs Residual Income

Interestingly, the concept of doing affiliate marketing is very simple to grasp. You promote products or services and in return, you’ll receive a commission from the sales you generate.

There’s another bright side of doing affiliate marketing and it comes through the potential to earn residual or recurring income. Affiliate links aren’t a one-time thing after all. For as long as the post remains live, you’ll continue to earn a certain percentage of sales.

Further, you can also continue to earn money on an ongoing basis from customers who you first introduced to the brand. While not all companies offer this program, the ones that do make for an especially exciting opportunity.

Here’s how it works. For example, let’s have an insurance company “X”. You refer your friend Karen to it and she buys a membership plan for $100. Every month she pays for the plan and you get paid a percentage without having to make any additional effort.

It’s a mutually beneficial agreement for the company and the one behind the initial lead. You make a little residual income, customers’ benefit from the products or services you’ve recommended, and the company gets loyal customers and stable sales.

What’s good about residual income, and especially affiliate programs residual income is that you’re continuously earning without additional effort. Unlike one-time payments where you get paid only once, residual income makes your past work keep-on keepin’-on.

But What If I’m Not an Influencer?

Don’t worry. Since the majority of people aren’t influencers, so we’re going to assume that you aren’t an Instagram fitness babe with millions of loyal followers.

You can still make money from affiliate marketing. How? Well, start small.

Websites with message boards are a great place to begin. Why? Well, because most people are posting about something in particular that they may need help solving or hope to get advice about.

It’s important not to spam if you want to be successful as an affiliate marketer. People can often tell if you’re just pitching them a product or using the copy and paste method.

Instead, write something meaningful and suggest realistic products that are likely to appeal to them. It’s not a guarantee of instant cash, but message boards that are indexed are likely to show up in a web search.

This only further broadens your opportunity to generate leads. After all, what you put on the internet sometimes seems to live forever.

What are some affiliate programs that offer residual income?

Many of the most lucrative affiliate programs are membership sites, service-based industries, or money making sites where you get to earn commissions from referred customers.

Before we go to the list of affiliate programs, here’s one important tip you should bear in mind when beginning your foray into affiliate marketing. If you plan to promote a product through your social media channel or blog, be sure to use the product or service you are promoting first.

It’ll be a lot easier to successfully promote a product if you have first-hand information about it. This can help you to explain clearly to your target customers how it really works and what they can expect.

You can start by seeking out affiliate programs from companies and product lines that you are currently using or have done business before. It’ll make your promotions and content more genuine and persuasive.

How Do I Seek Out Affiliate Marketing Partnerships?

There are two ways to go about this. Research it yourself or find it through the index of an affiliate marketing marketplace.

If you love a specific brand and don’t know how to go about promoting it, you can consider emailing the company about it. Ask if they are currently offering any affiliate marketing programs and if not, which retailers carry their product.

If the company isn’t offering an affiliate program, you can then consider researching the companies that stock the product. Departments stores or other online retailers that carry the product may offer affiliate partnerships. This little workaround can help you get started making money off the products you’d most genuinely recommend.

Looking to create recurring residual income from memberships? There’s more than one kind of membership to be had. Any product that operates on a recurring billing cycle is a prime option for affiliate marketing.

Some of the best examples of this happen on web hosting platforms. These platforms are a recurrent service by nature and will allow you to make your own coupon codes for your affiliate marketing campaign. This can allow you to reach more customers and earn even more.

Your residual income will be determined by the lifetime membership of the customer you’ve referred. So as long as they are active members of the web hosting company you’re promoting, you are earning money.

Liquid Web is one of the very few high paying web hosting affiliate programs that provide residual income. There are, however, lots of options to be had.

Affiliate Programs Residual Income Time to Get Started

Using your internet know-how, you can make a living from the comfort of your home. The advent of the internet age has enabled thousands of out of the box thinkers to create affiliate marketing residual income for themselves.

If you’d like to learn more about affiliate programs residual income or other related topics, visit our blog for more.

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