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15 Best Blog Niche Ideas for Making Serious Money in 2019

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Sure, blogging can be a pleasure project, but what’s better than making money doing what you love?

And we’ve all seen what kind of living blogging can be. The Pioneer Woman, The Penny Hoarder, and the Huffington Post are all blogs that have provided their owners with a truly amazing income and lifestyle.

For those wanting to mimic that success, the first thing to decide is niche. And while finding blog niche ideas isn’t hard, finding the one that is right for you can be a challenge.

Finding Blog Niche Ideas

Picking a niche is about narrowing your focus. Really pouring down and streamlining your topics so that you are diving deep into whatever your blog is about.

And luckily, there is no shortage of good niches available.

The key is knowing where your interests lie. Because being a good writer isn’t enough to carry you through. If you don’t care about your topic, you won’t be able to write passionately about it. And audiences can smell that insincerity a mile away.

So let’s look at a few of the best blog niches, and see if any resonate with you.

15 Blog Niche Ideas


Remember that old Live-journal gathering virtual dust somewhere? Chances are, that was your first foray into lifestyle blogging.

Essentially a journal of your life, lifestyle blogs let you document all kinds of topics, creating personal connections and stories.

Notable examples here include Jen Hatmaker and Kelle Hampton


Parenting, the great equalizer. And while it may seem that the world has enough mommy blogs, the truth is that there is plenty of room in the trenches for all. The truth is there are so many parenting blog niche ideas because everyone’s parenting style is different. You have a unique perspective that you can share with other’s.

Parenting styles, parenting with allergies, parenting kids with sensory issues, parenting boys, parenting girlsall of it becomes its own sub-niche, making it more desirable and more profitable.

And best of all, your subject matter lives right in the house with you, giving you all the content you could possibly need.

Think Scary Mommy here, or Pregnant Chicken.

Home Decor

We’ve all done it, admit it. Scrolled through Pinterest, drooling over shiplap and crown molding. Coveting that chair that we will never be able to afford, and wondering how designers can make gray look so chic.

Home decor styles may change, but the blog niche never goes out of style.

Home decor blogs are big business, especially because home design brands are happy to work with decor blogs to promote their products and new lines. Affiliate marketing can be a big win here.

Young House Love is a great example of this.


Religion plays a huge role in so many lives, and having a connection through a blog can be a huge boost.

Traditionally, these faith-based blogs have been of the Christian persuasion, but there is plenty of room for diversity. After all, there are as many faiths as there are bloggers, and all of them are seeking a place to connect.

So whether your divine spark comes from Allah, the Mother Goddess, or Odin, you are sure to find an audience seeking what you have to offer.

The key with these types of blogs is never to come across as preachy or condescending, instead opting for something of a watered-down lifestyle blog, taking a look at faith and how it translates into your own life.

Health and Fitness

This category is gigantic, with niches and sub-niches galore. Whether you want to lose weight or gain it, run or lift, make use of oils or supplements, chances are you can find an audience who wants the same thing.

After all, we all want to be better and healthier. So where better to go for advice than someone who is living the fitness life?

Fitness bloggers can specialize in a certain type of fitness, like Crossfit or Barre, or branch out into general workout blogging or nutrition. The great thing about health and fitness blogging is how flexible and diverse the subject matter can be.


If you’re looking to make money blogging, chances are you are looking to save it as well.

Blogs like the Penny Hoarder have a made a mint (no pun intended)teaching people how to save their pennies. After all, even though the economy is picking up, many are still feeling the after-effects of the Great Recession. Learning to live on a budget is simply part of the millennial lifestyle at this point.

Thrifting, budgeting, debt-free living, and even zero-impact living are great sub-genres here.


There’s been a resurgence in interest in sewing and crafting in recent years. Maybe its more of that millennial frugality that delights in making clothes and other projects from textiles. But regardless of the reason, sewing blogs are facing a huge boom.

If creating masterpieces from needle and thread is up to your alley, take a look at the sewing niche.

You can branch from here into needlepoint, cross-stitch, crochet, and knitting as well. They all have a dedicated and large following waiting eagerly for new patterns and tutorials.


Wait, blogging about blogging? How does that work?

Honestly, with so many people entering the blogging game, good advice on how to succeed can be worth its weight in goldor affiliate marketing, as the case may be.

If you’ve already created one successful blog, you can create a whole new stream of income passing on your wisdom to fledgling bloggers.

Most hosting companies have affiliate programs you can take advantage of, which can be a great place to start. If you want one of the best blog niche ideas, start blogging about blogging!


We live in the future. We are one flying car away from an actual Back to the Future sequel. And with tech being such a huge part of peoples lives, there is a lot of potential for blogging success.

Tech bloggers can write about the world of new technology in a broad way, or focus. There are blogs strictly for Apple products, or just for music tech. Some tech blogs dedicate themselves to video games or following the newest software developments.

Being successful in the tech niche will require keeping tabs on the industry and knowing what is cutting edge at the moment, so make sure it is something you are invested in before you start.


People are holding off on marriage, dating longer than they did in previous generations. Society has also made dating harder, with more demanding careers and busier lives.

Advice on dating, both casual and serious, is of huge value in a world that does more and more of its romantic exploration online.

Content here can include first date advice, communication tips, and help to navigate awkward conversations.

Fashion and Beauty

From makeup tutorials to OOTD posts, fashion and beauty blogs help people discover their aesthetic and live their best lives.

If you enjoy exploring color and texture, or if you’ve been told that your fashion sense is always on point, you can turn that passion into an income. Makeup brands and fashion boutiques are always looking for online ambassadors willing to incorporate advertising in exchange for free products.

Trying to Conceive

If you have struggled with fertility, you know what a heartbreaking issue it can be. Finding support in such a difficult time can be difficult, and many, many couples turn to the internet in search of community.

Creating that community with a blog can be difficult, as it requires a great deal of emotional energy and empathy. But providing that space can be both a blessing to others and an income stream for you.

Mental Illness and Neurodiversity

As the taboos around mental illness and neurological disorders fade, more and more people are embracing the natural quirks of their own psyches.

But, living in a world not built for neurodivergence means that newly diagnosed folks will be looking for guidance. Content on living with depression, anxiety, OCD, autism, and more can offer a huge benefit to others.

It can also be a great income source, as companies who create solutions for the neurodivergent and mentally ill communities seek content creators to market their products.


We are living in politically turbulent times. The news cycles barely have time to recycle the stories of this morning, let alone spend several days rehashing the same event.

If politics is something you enjoy, blogging about it can give you a significant audience of folks trying to keep abreast of current events.

Natural Living

There is a huge resurgence lately of “natural living” solutions. People want to be more careful about what they put in and on their bodies, and live and eat more naturally.

You can help.

Blogging about natural living can mean creating content about DIY skincare, homemade menstrual products, or composting. There is a wealth of content, aimed at all kinds of audiences. And as with anything, you can choose to specialize or keep your focus broad.

Best Blog Niche Ideas for 2019

Finding the best blog niche ideas for you is as simple as finding what you are passionate about. No man is an island, and whatever you love, there are more people out there who love the same thing.

Finding that community and building that audience is a quick way to turn a hobby into a profitable blogging career.

Ready to get started? Take a look here for more on lucrative blogging success.

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