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Staying Current: The Top Affiliate Marketing Trends of 2019

Affiliate Marketing

Hoping to earn an income through affiliate marketing?

Before you hop on to write about feature products, keep in mind that the affiliate industry is in a constant state of change.

There’s no denying how crucial affiliate sales are to businesses. With the rapid growth of mobile orders and product research, learning how to do affiliate marketing is as important as ever before.

Are you looking for the new affiliate marketing trends? Are you looking to strengthen your current business? Or are you looking for the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners?

Whatever it may be, we’re here to help. We have the best new affiliate marketing trends that you can use in your marketing now. Here’s some of them.

1. Affiliate Marketing Trends Influencer Marketing Is Getting More Important!

When it comes to affiliate marketing, finding the best names that can sell your products works.

In its finest, affiliates work as influencers for your brand. This means you need influencer marketing so your product can reach more people.

In affiliate sales, you need to know that influencer marketing will be stronger than ever. Many potential customers are going to trusted names and familiar affiliate marketing trends for the products they need. This means if you get real world people that customers trust, people will buy more.

People care about their influencers, so much that they care about their suggestions like they’re close friends. Because most of these influencers are on social media, their reach is as broad as it can be. If you already know how to do affiliate marketing, this is a good thing.

Finding an influencer to do marketing for you and monitor new affiliate marketing trends is vital. It translates to more consistent and dedicated traffic.

With how powerful influencers are right now, here’s how it works. Add emerging technology in the mix. This then becomes a trend that you need to watch for a long time.

Get More Out Of Influencer Marketing Through Rules

Are you looking to get more out of your influencer marketing? There are a few ways that you can do this without much fuss.

The first thing that you need is to define affiliate and the goals and achievements that you have. This means you’re creating quality standards to your affiliate team.

Standards create a consistent look with your marketing efforts. Everything looks more native if everything is consistent.

Establish Good Relationship In the Team

Here’s another way for you to get more from your influencers. Establish a good relationship between you and members of your affiliate team. This is especially true if you’re a group of influencers in your own right.

Tell your team what they can do to make the most out of every action they do to get people to buy from you. You can even give them samplers so they can experience the product first hand.

Create A Consistent Message

When it comes to affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing trends for beginners, here’s a tip: what you want is to have your influencers know the good things about the product.

Where you can, guide your team with content coming from your side. They don’t have to parrot everything, but rather give them a basis on what to say.

Affiliate sales mean consistency in message. If everyone is in sync, you get a clear message across potential customers.

Set A Robust Budget

Influencer campaigns tend to need good, robust budgets. When you’re figuring out how to do affiliate marketing, here’s what you do. You need to know how to manage money and distribute it across your influencers.

Test different influencer campaigns with variable budgets. Look at your ROI and try to do testing with various goals in mind.

2. Honest Reviews Are Still King

When it comes to having affiliate websites, having a strong review presence and review sites is the most profitable.

The name of the game is still niche marketing. Great reviews are among the top affiliate marketing trends that never go away; people trust products or services that garner consistent praise. When you define affiliate, you want to make sure people will see your reviews as authority.

Bank on the commercial keywords of “[product name] + reviews.” There’s a strong correlation of people looking for reviews and how close they are to buying cycles.

People research as much as possible when they’re almost at the end of their buying cycle. Having a strong review can help you get more people to buy.

Review sites are hands down some of the most profitable affiliate marketing trends to make an affiliate sale. It’s an excellent way for you to show how close you are to the product. Providing quality reviews means better rep, which means more traffic for you.

When working on your reviews, it’s crucial to make it compelling by making it keyword rich. If you’re starting affiliate marketing programs for beginners, here’s the thing. Keywords with rich commercial intent are crucial for people to find you.

High-quality, honest reviews work, and they work better with a little extra nudge from good SEO.

3. Harness Voice Search

Voice search is a growing marketing strategy. This is true across all channels, from SEO to traditional digital marketing. Voice search trends are effective in boosting affiliate sales.

The explosion of value to the approach makes it one of the most viable ways to make money in an affiliate.

The viability of voice on how to do affiliate marketing comes from the recent tech. Voice assistants have come of age, with the likes of Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

Take advantage of how they help consumers. Leverage their way of finding products is a crucial trend.

Customers use their voice devices to find almost everything. This is including finding consumer reviews and products.

Almost 2/3 of customers use voice search to find business information. In that case, it’s important to do the proper use of keywords. This is great for affiliate marketing programs for beginners.

Understand Voice Search Intent

How do you leverage voice search? How can you take advantage of this emerging technology in your affiliate sales? The first way you need to understand is to see the intent of each keyword. Desktop searches are different from mobile searches.

Remember that users who use voice are conversational. This means the search will come in question form.

Focus on the way people are looking for their products. If you do, you can get customers straight to your business.

Show Local Intent

Voice searches tend to focus on local intent. People would like to go to a nearby shop to get the product. Optimize your SEO for local search.

Use as many geographic markers as possible. This is truer if you have a brick and mortar business that supplements your online store.

Focus on SEO Keywords

SEO is crucial. SEO goes beyond traditional affiliate marketing trends — it will define affiliate intent for your business, so make sure you find keywords that work. Because the focus is on question phrases, leverage as many question phrases as you can.

You might want to use SEO tools to make things easier for you or find a marketing agency that can help you further.

4. Leverage Social Media

Social media is the best friend of affiliate marketing. Since the inception of both standards, both have worked towards each other’s growth.

Many of the customers like to stay within the confines of their newsfeed. Knowing how to leverage social media will give you a direct way into their wallets as well.

Social media is great for affiliate sales due to how sales-driven they are. Whether you’re targeting the audience with paid search advertising or you’re trying to do organic reach, it’s crucial to communicate to what they want.

Clicks happen in social media because of the compelling use of stories, images, and videos. If you can make people see how great your value offer is, you’ll see your traffic rise.

One of the prime real estates for affiliate marketing programs for beginners is Instagram. The focus on high-quality images and brand stories make it an ideal way to entice customers. Image and video marketing on IG is a marketer’s way for strong branded traffic.

Facebook is another great platform, especially if you’re planning on paid search advertising, remarketing, and newer affiliate marketing trends. You can get an opportunity to find the right audience for your business. Use Facebook’s tools that allow for laser targeted advertising and remarketing.

5. Content, Content, Content

We’ve talked about influencer marketing and buyer intent, but content is still the king when we’re discovering how to do affiliate marketing and follow affiliate marketing trends. Creativity and honesty in content still drive customers to trust our affiliate businesses.

Whether you like it or not, creative and more native content is a crucial way to get more out of the customer. With teams trying to appeal to both human readers and search engines, what will define affiliate is the level of expertise in every review or article.

You would also want to move towards audio-visual content for your reviews. Add a level of personality through images and videos. Solid quality slideshows, videos, and images are great, and people love video reviews.

At the end of the day, what will bring affiliate sales is our content’s ability to entice people’s emotions. People don’t want a robotic review, but rather a review that appeals to their senses. Content that answers customers’ questions is, nonetheless, a consistent trend.

6. Promos and Discounts Are Great Tiebreakers

One of the best affiliate marketing trends is all about giving back to the customers that build the pillars of your success.

At the end of the day, one of the great tiebreakers of affiliate sales is promos and discounts. As much as people care about quality and solid reviews, people also care about price points. Getting more bang for their buck is always something that entices people.

Running promos through affiliates is a great way to get sales. If you can get your affiliate marketing programs for beginners to do special promos, great! People will see it as a starting point.

It sounds weird that you’re paying commissions and then top it with promos. Even then, this is good leverage for your affiliates.

If you can use an introductory offer to get the most out of a customer’s lifetime value, good. You’re setting yourself up for future success.

You want to keep your discounts and promos small enough to not eat through cost. You also want them big enough for it to matter.

There are infinite ways on how to do affiliate marketing that takes advantage of special offers. From limited time to seasonal discounts, you give value to your events this way. This communicates to the customer to make repeat purchases as well.

7. Considering E-Commerce

If you’re trying affiliate marketing programs for beginners, here’s a tip. If you don’t have a product to sell yet, you may want to take a look at E-commerce.

Many E-commerce giants are now looking towards affiliate sales to get people to buy. This is understandable, as what always define affiliate is its strong lead generation.

The biggest of these is the E-commerce giant Amazon. They have been providing an effective affiliate program for a while now. This provides a significant opportunity for you to monetize your website even further.

If you have products, you can set them up on Amazon and earn both on sales and affiliates from Amazon. This is a great way to build a reputation, especially if your niche has consistent traffic.

8. Recruit The Best For Your Affiliate Team

At the end of the day, it’s vital to have an affiliate team that cares for your products. Affiliate sales won’t happen if you don’t have people you can trust to do the job.

Finding quality people is critical to your success. Find a small group of dedicated people who understand what needs to happen. You want them to know how to do affiliate marketing.

Developing the right balance of skill and dedication in your people takes time, don’t be afraid to keep looking and reconfigure your roster.

Preparing For Affiliate Marketing Trends

The affiliate market is growing as we speak. As the years go by, technology and quality work become the trademark of a good affiliate business and for a reason.

In many affiliate marketing trends, you will notice this. As technology becomes a useful way to leverage your brand, understanding people and customer intent still come first.

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