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How to Stay Organized as an Entrepreneur



You wake up sweating and panicked in the middle of the night. Did I send that form? Are we ready for that client meeting tomorrow? Where did I put those invoices?

If you’re an entrepreneur, this kind of stress is probably a daily experience for you. It’s all too easy to get overwhelmed by running a business and staying on top of things.

We’ve put together a few tips on how to stay organized that’ll help you minimize the stress of entrepreneurship.

Get Rid of the Excess Stuff

First things first, keep your physical space neat and organized. Figure out what’s actually essential to your office space. Get rid of everything else.

If your business is the kind that requires you to keep a lot of stuff, that’s perfectly fine. Just make sure everything has a designated spot, so you can always find things quickly and easily.

Besides making your life easier, cleaning up your space will make a great impression on any clients who visit your office.

Your space should reflect the way you conduct your business. A streamlined office contributes to efficient day-to-day operations and to your peace of mind as an entrepreneur.

Automate Your Bookkeeping

Consider switching your bookkeeping to an automated service. This kind of service can simplify your life as an entrepreneur by providing one simple platform that organizes all your financial data. It also converts that data into useful reports that will help you make important decisions about your business.

Automated bookkeeping services reduce the need for training employees, manual data-entry, and time-consuming bookkeeping work.

And the best part? Automated bookkeeping pricing is typically cheaper than traditional methods, despite the fact that it’s a far more effective way to organize your financial records.

Use a Cloud Storage Service

Another way to stay organized is to keep your files stored on a cloud service. If you’re unfamiliar, it may sound intimidating, but it’ll change your business for the better.

Google Drive is an online cloud service that lets you organize and share your business documents on one simple platform.

Its coolest feature is the fact that you can have multiple people editing one document at the same time. Google drive lets you see who is making what changes and saves automatically every few seconds. Plus, you can leave comments to discuss the documents you’re editing in real time.

Simplify Your Communication

As an entrepreneur, the messiest part of your business is probably your email inbox. If you’re managing a team (or several), a program like Slack is an easy way to streamline the communication going on in your office.

Instead of messy email threads where it’s difficult to keep track of who said what, Slack simplifies conversations by separating them into “channels.” It also speeds up progress by offering an uncomplicated layout and the feeling of instant messaging.

The result? News will move much faster in your office. Teams of employees will be able to discuss without needing to meet physically every time. Most importantly, you can keep tabs on the communication in your office to make quick changes when things are heading in the wrong direction.

How to Stay Organized in the Long Run

Be flexible. As time passes, your business will encounter new challenges regarding how to stay organized that will require you to make more changes.

These changes may be frustrating at first because there’s always going to be a learning curve. But the result of adapting to meet your challenges is that you’ll stay organized and always be one step ahead of the competition.

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