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All About Ink: 6 Awesome Promotional Ideas to Grow Your Tattoo Business


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Once considered mostly taboo, tattoos are officially part of mainstream culture and only growing up popularity. In fact, around 46% of adults have at least one tattoo in the United States.

As popularity increases, it seems a new tattoo shop pops up every other week. While it’s great that the industry keeps exploding, it also means there is a ton more competition!

Ready to take your tattoo business to the next level, but finding your current promotion ideas a bit stale? Keep reading below for six awesome ideas!

1. Get on the Instagram Bandwagon

A lot of “old school” tattoo shops have been slow to the Instagram game. Big mistake. Through regular posts on both your personal artist page and the shop page, you can build a brand and cultivate a following.

Instagram is mostly a visual platform. Be sure to always snap high-quality photos of your work. Putting a collection of your pieces online acts as a portfolio to advertise your skills to others.

This platform is also a great way to connect with other tattoo professionals and clients, past, current, and future!

2. Friday the 13th Specials

Nothing drives walk-in traffic like a one-day special tattoo event. Friday the 13th is a popular choice, but you could come up with your own ideas.

Offer cheap flash designs. Include things like black cats, lightning bolts and skulls for all the spooky vibes.

Other good days to run specials include Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day.

3. Travel to Conventions

Even in a digital age, going to tattoo conventions is an amazing way to network with other artists and get your work in front of lots of people.

You may also run into magazine or book reps that are looking for new artists to include in upcoming features.

4. Offer Tattoo Cover-Ups for Charity

Not all tattoos are cherished forever. And laser removal isn’t cheap so many people lean towards a cover-up.

One way to take advantage of this while also benefitting society is to have a cover-up event with proceeds going to a charity. These types of events are great ways to get to know your community more.

5. Get #Hashtag Creative

Never post to social media outlets without using hashtags. They are how people find your posts.

Use generic ones like #tattoo, #floraltattoo, and #flash, but also use ones unique to you. Include your style as well.

This method will allow you to be found with general tattoo search terms but it also starts to build a collection of tagged photos specific to you. Always encourage clients to share their new ink on their profiles with your associated tags.

6. Have a Website for Your Tattoo Business

People research online before doing anything, especially permanently inking their body. In addition to Instagram, you need proper websites to showcase you and your shop.

Be sure to have a professional-looking URL, lots of photos of previous work, and contact information.

If website design is not your strong suit, consider partnering up with a professional.

Let Your Ink Speak and Drive Business

We hope these six tips have sparked some excitement to market and promote your tattoo business at a whole new level.

Do you have some additional questions? Please feel free to contact us to chat about your business and how we could help you grow it!

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