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A Guide to Automatic Email Responses for Email Marketing


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You’re a new business owner dealing with a rush of incoming emails from prospective clients. If you are getting roughly 50 emails a day, chances are you struggle to answer all of them in a timely manner.

As your business grows, 50 emails a day turns into 100 a day. You’re a one-man shop right now, with no staff members to help you. You become overwhelmed as your email signups grow, but you cannot respond to these emails manually.

It’s a good problem to have, but answering email is a time-killer. Moreover, manual emailing takes away precious time that you could have devoted elsewhere.

However, automatic email responses will grow your clientele base. Your clients will also receive prompt answers as you focus on other areas. This article will show you the best ways to navigate auto response emails successfully. Keep reading if you wish to make your customers happy.

Customer Agreement

If you want to stay in business for 30 years or more, you must know the rules and etiquette for email signups.

Before sending automatic responses to customers, obtain their consent to send them emails. Otherwise, consumers could label you a spammer. Moreover, unsolicited customers could flag your account to your email provider for spamming.

Additionally, you could face penalties under the CAN-SPAM Act for sending unsolicited messages.

  • Note: Choose a reputable email provider to minimize a client’s email system sending your content to spam folders.

To avoid spamming, construct an email signup page or an email signup box. After, you may send the necessary chain of emails.

Crafting the Perfect Auto Response

When it comes to subject lines, create warm greetings. Also, you can leave the subject line an open question to entice clicks.

The best email responses are short and concise. Avoid boring readers with complicated language or lengthy paragraphs. When making an introduction, start by thanking them in some manner.

  • Example: Thank you for sending over your information! We will process your order shortly…

Additionally, keep paragraphs at a max of two sentences per paragraph. You can also tailor each email response to the client’s name and personal information.

When closing the body, you can end the email by thanking them in some way. Giving a personal thanks establishes the right tone and fosters a closer connection to the client.

You can use special filters so the auto-bot will insert the name and data of a client into the email.

Organization is Key

One of the best ways to keep yourself organized is through syncing. Sync features can merge your emails with contact and lead information.

This function allows you to update the status of any client or account. The goal of auto-email systems is to respond to clients when they seek your help or business.

Pipedrive Mailchimp allows marketers to manage data and email responses accordingly.

Auto-email services will also sift through emails based on the subject matter. Also, the system will send them to the appropriate folder.

What are the Best Automatic Email Responses?

The best automatic email responses answer client questions promptly. When drafting auto emails, create a customer-friendly tone. Avoid impersonal emails that give you away as a bot.

Email marketing also applies to local consumers. To get local news and information, visit our news section to read the latest articles.

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