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Always Use Protection: Tips for Choosing the Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Cases


Finding the right phone case can be a headache. There are so many choices, and you can fill shelves with your options. This problem is double if you have the latest smartphone device.

Many big-name phone companies have their own ideas of how a phone case should be. If you have something like the Samsung Galaxy S10 line, you only want the best of the best case for your device as well. It needs to be functional, stylish and something that fits your personality.

Galaxy S10 cases have to be perfect. When you have the best phone in the world, a Samsung S10 case needs to do its job.

This begs the question. What should you look for in a phone case? We can help you pick with this guide.

There’s a Galaxy S10 phone case on every corner, but what’s the best? Let’s find out now.

1. Do Your Homework

Doing due diligence for your Samsung S10 case is crucial. Before you decide on anything, you want to give the cases you fancy a look. There are a few things that you want to check.

Read the reviews of the manufacturer or seller. Galaxy S10 cases should come from legit sellers with good reviews and testimonials. In any event, you want to have a way to contact them in case there’s an issue with the product.

Try to find people discussing the products and look for actual use photos. An S10 phone case needs to have precise cutouts for all the buttons. You want all the ports out without a problem.

2. An S10 Phone Case Should Give Solid Protection

Some of the most common issues for users of smartphones are impacting damage. 7 times out of 10, you’ll find a problem to be from damage or breakage. Even with the latest Corning Gorilla Glass, phones would shatter on massive impact.

When looking for Galaxy S10 cases, find something that has excellent shock absorption qualities. Silicone and rubber corners can help protect your vulnerable edges from dents and shatters. You want something with a nice metal body or some durable plastic to bolster the rubber corners.

Plastic should be something you take with a grain of salt. An S10 case with a plastic case doesn’t offer you the full range of protection you need. Use them only if you’re planning to protect from dents or scratches alone.

Do you need a rugged Samsung S10 case? That depends on your activities. Ask yourself a few questions.

How clumsy are you? Do you do extreme outdoor activities? Do you think you’ll drop your phone from high places?

If any of those is a yes, then you need something for rugged environments. Also, go for sellers who provide a lifetime warranty for their products.

3. Don’t Cheap out on Your Samsung S10 Case

When it comes to pricing, being cheap on your S10 phone case is not something we recommend. We don’t, however, advise on blowing out your budget.

What you need to do is shop around. Sure, Amazon and eBay are fantastic options. Even then, many independent phone case and accessories providers have robust pricing.

Depending on the material, something on the range of $30 to $60 should be an exceptional range for a Samsung Galaxy S10 cover. It’s not too crippling expensive, but it’s not dirt cheap as well.

Look for essential features that can help improve your quality of life. Shatterproof cases are worth their weight in gold. Customizable phone cases are also a reasonable premium on the design aspect.

4. Consider Your Activities with Your Galaxy S10 Cases

In your experience, you should also take into account the types of activities you have. The secondary problems that smartphones tend to have are water damage. Sure, many flagship phones like the Galaxy S10 series are water-resistant, but that’s not the issue.

Many times, the problem with water damage comes not from the water but from salt. Seawater and ocean water are salty and can linger into your device. You may want to avoid that or get an S10 case with marine protection.

There are also cases with secondary functions as well. There’s a Galaxy S10 phone case that doubles as a wallet folio for your money and credit cards. You can also find cases with frosted casing to showcase how beautiful your phone is.

Whether you’re going for extra slim or max protection, Galaxy S10 cases need to cater to your needs.

5. Pick the Features for Your S10 Case

A function is different from a feature. When working out features, an S10 case needs to make using your phone easier.

Do you like watching movies? An extra kickstand can be a good idea.

Need some extra oomph for your S10 battery? You might like a case with a battery pack.

Sometimes, you might not even need features. A Samsung S10 case doesn’t need to be something fancy. Even then, something extra can be useful if you’re the type who hates the fuss.

6. Get a Customizable S10 Phone Case

Customizable S10 phone cases are solid picks if you’re looking for design together with function. When something is custom, you can add your own prints and make it your own. There will be times where a simple Samsung Galaxy S10 cover won’t cut it, so some extra snazziness won’t hurt.

You can personalize a custom S10 phone case depending on your style. If you want a family photo on the back, that’s easy enough to do. If you have some fantastic personal prints, you can also make it happen.

Getting a personalized Galaxy S10 phone case for yourself? Why not get one as a gift? A custom S10 case would be a nice gift.

Find Galaxy S10 Cases for Your Needs

When choosing the right S10 phone case for you, consider a few factors before buying. Protection, function and even a custom design should be some of your takeaways. Galaxy S10 cases need to be the best of the best, so getting the right one is essential.

If you’re looking for a great source for your Samsung Galaxy S10 cover, you need someone you can trust. With our great custom designs and functional casing, Custom Envy has something you would love.

Contact us today and we’ll get you the right custom accessories for your needs. Find something you’ll love today.

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