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How to Beat an Escape Room: 10 Tips and Strategies


how to beat an escape room

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Escape rooms are team-based games that are gaining popularity all over the nation. Escape rooms were first inspired by the 2004 video game “Crimson Room,” a point-and-click action game that navigates through a series of puzzles. Today, this exciting immersive experience is a huge hit all across the United States.

Beating an escape room is a fun challenge for friends, family and coworkers alike. If you’re ready to take on this challenge, read here for some tips on how to beat an escape room.

What Is an Escape Room?

Escape rooms, or “escape games”, are a new form of live-action entertainment. Teams of two to ten players are locked inside a variety of fictional settings such as a prison or dungeon. Escape room designers at Breakout Games also have their own escape games take place in a fictional mansion or on a tropical island.

Players usually have ~60 minutes to work together to find clues inside the room. All of these clues lead to solving puzzles that allow players to “escape” from the room.

Escape games begin with a quick overview of the game rules. These instructions are usually delivered by an Escape Room Game Guide employee. Once the clock starts, players explore the escape room to discover clues and solve puzzles.

If your team needs hints on how to escape, you can ask for hints from the Game Guide. If the team can’t leave the room when time runs out, they’ve lost the game. If the team figured out how to escape within the set time limit, they win.

How to Beat an Escape Room

Escape room strategy relies more on thinking skills than physical strength. Here are just a few escape room tips you can use on these popular outings.

1. Leave No Stone Unturned

Escape rooms have props and other furnishings inside them that follows the theme of the room. One easy way on how to beat escape rooms is comb over every square inch of these props.

This means you need to search through books on bookshelves or look under rugs to discover important clues that solve riddles. Every prop or object you see could potentially contain clues to help you escape.

2. Communicate with Your Team

Maintain constant communication with your team during the game. Teams can’t crack the code if they don’t share ideas or listen to alternatives to solve puzzles.

Corporate businesses like providing escape room opportunities to their employees because it builds team communication skills. Teams learn important skills like providing feedback and decision-making as they plot their progress.

3. Shout Out What You Find

At the beginning of an escape game, players pay more attention to what they see rather than what significance these objects have to find an escape. That’s why you should start announcing what objects you see to your team.

The more discoveries you share, the deeper your group’s pool of knowledge will be. Your discovery could be the missing link that someone else needed to unscramble a clue.

4. Listen to Your Game Guide

Game Guides go through extensive training to work in escape rooms. They know where every clue is hidden and what they all mean inside every escape room.

If your team asks for help from your Game Guide, they will give you strategic advice on what you need at this exact moment of the game. This might include clues to help you open up a new area of the room or a code that unlocks more clues.

5. Ask for Clues if You Need Them

Some escape room games allow players to ask up to three clues during their session. Each time you ask for a clue, the Game Guide will add more time on your clock to solve the puzzles.

Sometimes players won’t ask for help because they want to reserve their allotted clues “just in case.” If your team is stalled, it’s best to ask for a clue. Time spent doing nothing is wasted time.

6. Work Quickly

An hour to find clues and solve puzzles might sound like enough time. But the truth is, that hour slips by quickly for those players who procrastinate or don’t organize their efforts.

Escape room players should act with a sense of urgency. They should try to find as many clues as fast as they can. That way they can use the remainder of the time to discuss them as a group and apply them to solve their puzzles

7. Divide and Conquer

Delegate your team to tackle various puzzles throughout the escape room. Split into smaller groups to get more done.

Teams shouldn’t scrutinize the same clue together, but comb the site to find more pieces to bring to the final puzzle.

8. Number and Letter Clues to Unlock Combinations

Escape games will incorporate details like letters or numbers into the designs throughout their rooms. Pay special attention to these characters. They will tell you what symbols correspond to the combinations you need to crack open any locks you may find.

Pay attention to what kind of symbol you need to open a lock. Sometimes there are clues throughout the room that show you how to order these symbols to unlock the locks and move onto the next section of the game.

9. Be Familiar with Escape Room Design

Escape rooms mostly follow the same design principles and rules. For example, most rooms will have “one lock/one use” rules. These rules mean that once you’ve discovered how to use certain keys or clues, you won’t need them for the rest of the game.

10. Be Positive and Patient

Since you have a limited amount of time to complete the game, stay positive and patient as you work through the puzzles. Cooperation and problem solving are the only ways you’ll be able to win the game. Stay calm and the event will be one to remember.

Next Steps

Are you planning a company retreat soon? Extended relatives flying into town for the holidays? Why not schedule some time to use your collective smarts on how to beat an escape room!

You can start by inviting your family and friends over to play Crimson Room. Then they’ll see what kind of mindset they need to bring on escape game day. Check the website to find escape room deals and coupons in your city.

For more ideas on corporate outings or a fun night out, don’t forget to check our website. We’re the news leaders on Island special events. If it matters to you, it matters to us!

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