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7 Key Things to Consider Before Installing a Backyard Pool


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You’ve thought about it for a long time, have dreamed about it even longer, and are finally going to install your dream pool!

Whether you envision your kids splashing and playing or you and your loved one relaxing on a floating nose deep in a good book, pools offer the finishing touches to any amazing house layout.

Getting a pool is a fantasy of all homeowners, but you should still weigh out a few factors before installing one in your backyard.

Here are seven things to consider before you install a pool in your backyard.

7 Things to Consider Before Installing Your Pool

Before you place a pool in your land, you’ll want to do some brainstorming. Here are the best factors to think through before you make the call.

1. What Purpose Will It Serve?

Sure, you’ve always wanted a pool in your backyard… who doesn’t? You need to dive deeper into WHY you want a pool before making any other moves.

For one, the “why” behind your pool will help you determine the specifics of it (shape, size, in-ground/above-ground, etc.). But secondly, it provides a vision for how you want the result to look.

Is the thought of your kids splashing around getting you excited for it? Or are you looking to host social gatherings that your friends, family, and neighbors can’t possibly match? These will tell you the type of pool you’re looking for.

Collect a list of at least three major reasons for your pool before going on to the next step!

2. What Land Work Preparation Needs to Be Done?

One major factor that doesn’t cross too many people’s mind when installing a pool is this question: “Is my backyard pool-ready as is?”. Unless your background is next to completely level, the answer is almost always “no”.

Because of that, you need to factor in how much work will need to be done to level out the ground that your pool and the maximum size that your pool can be (certain neighborhoods, cities, and housing unions have regulations).

Also, consider where the sun rises and sets in relation to where you’re considering placing your pool.

Would your pool be getting shade at any point throughout the day? If so, is it still getting a healthy dose of sunlight on it to keep the water a perfect temperature? Be assured, you don’t want to run into this problem after it’s installed.

3. Hone-In on the Long Haul

Now that you’ve got your pool envisioned and you’ve looked through the city zoning laws, it’s time to look at the long-term plan of your pool.

You have several options on what to line your pool with. The trendy options of vinyl and fiberglass are great choices, but it’s also not a bad idea to go with a timeless concrete pool.

The customizations that you choose will either lengthen or shorten the installation time, which brings up the next point….

4. Factor in the Installation Time

Several of the previous factors will dictate how long your pool’s installation time will take, but a general rule of thumb would be to expect a three to six-week process.

Be sure to not get tempted by the quicker installation time just for the sake of having your pool built faster.

Yes, the concrete pool takes longer, but it also lasts longer. Keep that in mind!

5. Get Some Price Estimates

Now it’s time for the daunting task of finding out how much your dream pool is going to cost you.

Of course, there are the costs of installation and selecting the lining of your pool, but you also need to factor in the maintenance costs associated with cleaning and upkeep of your pool.

Check in to the pumps and filters that you’ll need as well as the typical seasonal cost of chemical upkeep and cleaning for your pool. Each type of lining has certain upkeep measures that need to be tended to every 15 to 20 years, so be sure to research that as well!

6. Find the Pool Builder That Best Fits Your Vision

You can never be too careful with this part. It’s better to take your time going to several different pool designers than hiring the first one you meet with because they give you a good price.

Remember, although they might save you money now, it could cost you in the long run.

If you have any friends or family members that have a pool, ask who they had design their pool and the pros and cons of using them.

Are they seeing eye-to-eye on the vision you have for your pool? What recommendations are they giving you to best fit your expectations? They need to be informative, experienced, and flexible.

7. Think of What You’ll Build Around It

No pool setup is complete without a fantastic pool deck to go with it.

Without it, your pool is nothing more than a mere hole with water in it; not to mention the uninvited guests you might have in your pool without a deck or fence.

If your pool designer that you hire doesn’t offer deck building services themselves, ask them for a referral to someone they trust that does.

Are you just looking to resurface a deck that you already have? If so, read more here on what can be done to give that deck the perfect face-lift for this adventure!

Give Yourself the Pool of Your Dreams!

Even through all these decisions and factors you have to consider, don’t forget the reason you’re getting the pool in the first place, which is for you and your family to enjoy!

Many amazing weekends, holidays, and birthdays will be spent in this pool, so the payoff will be WELL worth your efforts.

Best of luck in your search, and remember, the pool of your dreams is close at hand!

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